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I wonder if any of you still care about my little blog?

Chicago Tribune
Fox News
News Corp
19 Entertainment
Readers Digest
St Petersburg Times
New York Times
L.A. Times
American Songwriter Magazine
Christianity Today
Dreamworks Animation Skg
E! Entertainment Television
Hearst Corporation
Johnston Press
Knight Ridder
Las Vegas Review-journal
Mark Burnett Productions
Paramount Pictures
Time inc
Tv Guide
Sony Pictures

Oh that’s right, they’ve already been here, at least once, but most are repeat readers.
I feel honored that so many important people would visit my little blog….WOW!

More to come.


One Comment

  1. I agree! Go Kris Allen!! 🙂
    First, Adam is undeniably talented–very theatrical and quite a performer…but I can’t take more than one of his songs! Too much screeching…
    I prefer Kris. He’s the REAL deal! He’s a singer/songwriter/musician that makes it all look effortless! I could listen to an entire album with NO problem! Kris has got my vote! And my money on I-tunes! 🙂

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